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  • SubHunt: The Game

    My latest personal project. It started as a simple experiment for me to learn Cocos2D and the basics of creating and releasing a game. It has since turned into a well fleshed out Free To Play game that I will be releasing Soon™.
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  • Unity Tutorial Series

    Check out my new Unity Tutorial Series where I show how to take a simple Pong game made with the Futile framework and make the necessary changes to deploy to iOS. I work from an existing Unity Tutorial (with the original author’s permission of course!) and extend it to make the changes needed. Check it out!

About This Site

Welcome to my new online portfolio and blog! This is a place to showcase the iOS work I have done, as well as some of the projects I am currently working on, and go more in depth on the story behind the projects.


About Me

I am a software developer currently working as an iOS developer for Diligent. I’ve previously worked in iOS consulting, founded a startup and worked in general software consulting.
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I’ve loved video games since I was a kid. They are what got me into programming. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the indie game development scene and working on projects of my own.